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A look at volume of homes for sale in Danville - including foreclosures and short sales - and how this relates to new development.
Danville Patch Blog
Back in 2012, Michelle Erickson wrote a series of blog posts (published in the Danville Patch) to help shed some light on the issues surrounding the proposed SummerHill Homes development for Magee ranch. Here is a sampling of some of those articles. To view the complete set, click here.
Have you experienced traffic along Blackhawk Road and Diablo Road? What impact will the SummerHill Homes development have on existing traffic conditions along the Diablo Road corridor?

A look at what Danville Town Council members - Newell Arnerich and Mike Doyle - had to say about Measure S, when they were trying to get the General Plan amendment approved by Danville voters in 2000.
A look at the impact rain has on Green Valley Creek and how it relates to the proposed SummerHill Homes development on Magee ranch.
A look at why Measure S applies to the SummerHill Homes project. And why the Town of Danville's position is not only laughable, but also illegal!
This blog posting considers whether the San Ramon Valley Unified School District could change school boundary lines to accommodate the proposed SummerHill Homes development on Magee Ranch in Danville.

Would you prefer a fewer number of homes scattered in the hillside or significantly more homes (than allowed under current zoning) on the low lying areas along the Diablo Road corridor?
What happened to the frogs in the East Branch of the Green Valley Creek in Danville? Have they gone for good, or have you had a recent sighting?

This post questions whether or not increased rush hour traffic, resulting from the proposed SummerHill Homes development, might impact emergency response times.
A look at the support behind Save Our Creek, as well as the work it is doing to challenge the proposed SummerHill Homes development on Magee ranch in Danville.
A look at Dr. Sean White's thoughts on developer funding and how this relates to Save Our Creek and Alamo MAC's review of the Magee ranch SummerHill Homes developement in Danville.
An introduction to Save Our Creek and the proposed SummerHill Homes housing development for Magee ranch in Danville.