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Looking to Support our Efforts?
There are three ways that you can help support our efforts:


We prevailed with our suit against the Danville Town Council challenging the Council's approval of the SummerHill Homes Magee Ranches project, but our fight is not over yet! Davidon Homes is now trying to get approval of the SAME PROJECT!

 We must therefore be prepared to defend the Magee ranch open space, or forfeit the hard-won fruits of the efforts since 2010 of SO MANY DANVILLE- AREA RESIDENTS. Preparing for another defense of the open space, and protecting those that would be harmed by development on it, requires that we once again actively seek monetary contributions for legal expenses and other costs.  

Our goal remains to force the Town Council to do what's right: honoring the promises the Council made in Measure S to preserve open space and protect it by providing a public vote on any approved residential projects on open space land; protecting the safety of bicyclists and motorists along Diablo Road; and protecting those that would be harmed from floodwaters from the Magee Ranches project.  

You can donate by mailing a check payable to SOS Danville Group, to SOS Danville Group, P.O. Box 295, Diablo, CA 94528;

 or to assist with necessary referendums or an initiative, mail a check payable to Danville Open Space Committee, to Danville Open Space Committee, P. O. Box 295, Diablo, CA 94528.   

Please click on the "Contact Us" button below if you have any questions, or if you are looking to get involved with SOS Danville Group, any necessary Referendum, and/or the Preservation Initiative. We look forward to hearing from you.

Be sure to tell all your family, friends and neighbors about SOS Danville Group and the proposed Davidon Homes Magee Ranches development.

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