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"The Town, in effect, changed the GP's designation and description of agricultural land to add P-1 as a consistent zoning category. And it did so without complying with Measure S," [Judge] Austin wrote in his ruling in favor of SOS-Danville. "It appears that the Town interpreted the GP in such a way to essentially circumvent the mandate of Measure S."
Danville Express: July 31, 2014
This has been a long road for the public, beginning nearly 8 years ago when then SummerHill Homes (now Davidon Homes) Magee Ranches project was first announced to the public. Below and to the right is a snapshot of some of the SOS Danville and its predecessor group,  Save Our Creek, news articles that have appeared in local media over this time. 
"But Perlmutter argued that even if the plan 'may have not been written well,' other pages within the general plan do indicate that the town councilors wanted the site to also be zoned P-1, even if it is not explicitly marked on the map.

'They could have had that vision, but if so, they had pretty cloudy glasses,' Austin said. 'They could have put P-1 on the map, but didn't.'

'Is there a list of all secret areas of zoning (in town)?' he pressed, implying that if that was the council's desire, it was not explicit enough in the general plan."
San Jose Mercury News: June 25, 2014

Media News About SOS Danville Group
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"(The town) has come up with some complicated, and frankly, Byzantine ways of saying they don't need to change the land use designation," Flashman said.."
Contra Costa Times: July 3, 2013