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Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition
Notice is hereby given by the persons whose names appear hereon of their intention to circulate a petition within the Town of Danville for the purpose of qualifying a ballot measure to provide additional protection for agricultural, general open space, and park and recreation land within the Town of Danville. A statement of the reasons for the proposed action as contemplated in the petition is as follows:

This initiative preserves and strengthens the right of Danville voters to choose whether to approve development proposals for land designated in the general plan for agricultural, general open space, or parks and recreation use (or “Open Space” for short). That right was established by Danville Ballot Measure S, which passed overwhelmingly in November 2000.

The initiative will accomplish three primary things: 
  • It removes the 2020 expiration date on Measure S, thus protecting indefinitely voters’ rights to decide the future of Danville’s Open Space. 
  • It reaffirms that Danville voters get to decide whether to allow clustered residential development (known as “P-1 clustered residential development”) on Open Space currently designated for Agricultural use. 
  • Finally, it says that when a Williamson Act (agriculture preservation) contract expires, the land will retain the one unit per 20 acres A-4 zoning designation it had while under the contract, and that changing the zoning on agricultural land will have the same requirements as changing the agricultural land use.

In November 2000, Danville voters overwhelmingly adopted Measure S. According to its authors, Measure S offered “Danville residents a deciding voice in any proposed change to areas not planned for development. Danville voters would have to approve any change in use” on Open Spaces. (Rebuttal to ballot argument opposing Measure S.)

Despite this clear promise, the Town of Danville has continued converting Agricultural Open Space to residential use without a public vote.  
In 2008, without a public vote, the Town Council approved residential development of the 459-acre Elworthy Ranch. Currently, the Town is looking at approving residential development on Magee Ranch Agricultural land. The Town has already said that it does not plan to put this project approval before the voters. 

Moreover, the Town’s proposed new General Plan, in its current draft, would explicitly open all remaining Agricultural land in Danville to Residential use with no public vote required. It states that when contracts protecting agricultural use expire, land that had been zoned one home per twenty acres will automatically be rezoned to allow four times as much development. The draft Plan also proposes to allow P-1 zoning (clustered residential development) in agricultural areas. These changes would effectively re-designate almost all of Danville’s remaining Agricultural land as Rural Residential land, without a public vote and contrary to the clear intent of Measure S. 

Call to action: 
Danville’s remaining Open Space is in danger. To protect your right to decide whether to allow residential development on Open Space, please support the initiative.

Todd Gary
101 Sunhaven Road, Danville, California 94506

Kathryn Jean Jones
1862 North Forest Hill Place, Danville, California 94526

Sheila Anne Truschke
840 El Capitan Drive, Danville, California 94526